Track Ji Hyo opens about the reason why she signed up with aˆ?we’re In Love,aˆ? fansaˆ™ concerns, and her internet dating style

Track Ji Hyo opens about the reason why she signed up with aˆ?we’re In Love,aˆ? fansaˆ™ concerns, and her internet dating style

Korean dramas, distinguished due to the fact aˆ?textbook of loveaˆ? for Asian girls, there is experienced many days in those dramas that, the bravest and also the happiest step of a superstar who is in love is actually holding his/her enthusiast’s hand in the crowd to eat, to search and laugh along facing those shocked, jealous as well as insane looks.

On February 28th, aˆ?goddess of minnataˆ? track Ji Hyo who’s not afraid of are bare faced, exactly who additionally bravely rolls over dirt and occasionally bursts in outrage and power from inside the Korean type tv series , will transform into a woman who’s calm and bashful when experiencing their love in JiangSu television programme .

Consequently, whenever she received the offer from Chinese programme , she said the lady very first feedback were to aˆ?grab they,aˆ? aˆ?I’m able to reveal the real part of us to Chinese people who aren’t acquainted with myself, not a replicate of myself from

aˆ?That’s appropriate, for several years, individuals have always viewed me personally contending. Concerning the girl coming trip of like, the considerate aˆ?Mong Jiaˆ? additionally finds out that anyone she needs to handle and confront originally were, indeed , the aˆ?Monday Coupleaˆ? lovers.

Frankly, this time around I’m hoping folks can easily see me personally aˆ?in love,’aˆ? said track Ji Hyo in the interview she performed a couple of days ago

In she is always aˆ?competing.aˆ? This time around, tune Ji Hyo wants to reveal visitors the medial side of the girl aˆ?in loveaˆ?

People who find themselves familiar with track Ji Hyo can adequately comprehend the concept of to the woman: six years back when she initial joined Yoo Jae Seok’s team, she was experiencing profession bottleneck, ultimately, once the only women associate from inside the program, she disclosed others side of the woman besides the picture of a celebrity: attractive and violent, smart and clumsy, attractive and good like an aunt for the community. Using picture of aˆ?Mong Jiaˆ?, she shot to popularity in Asia within a short time.

In terms of by herself, she believed (joining) altered the lady character notably, aˆ?In fact before , my character had been extremely introverted, and that I had bad personal expertise, as a boring individual anything like me held experiencing difficulties when you look at the tv show, the people made me alter a great deal. Discover today a good difference between my personal characters. Thus I strive showing my personal bubbly and daring area into the visitors in .aˆ?

Caused by , this lady appeal features placed large for six years. But Song Ji Hyo mentioned, indeed, she has constantly looked for the opportunity to break through, that was hard to obtain through the programs in Korea, aˆ?Because i have already been in for some time, among personality associated with program usually we need to contend restlessly, often be in highest spirits, and thus a lot of viewers have seen an impact of me getting such as that, additionally the picture of myself within the program. It is not easy to think about some other programs .aˆ?

Likewise, track Ji Hyo in addition explained others reason that wil attract to this lady, is that there was aˆ?no establishing in advancedaˆ?, she said she’s got accomplished unnecessary objectives in , aˆ?in the past five years, I continuously got and finished objectives, today I would like to show a part of me as a typical individual, my personal reaction according to my real feeling without any preference whenever I meet with anyone, or the opposite sex.aˆ?

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