Thanks to possess development and you may sharing this excellent character controller!

Thanks to possess development and you may sharing this excellent character controller!

Everything is effective but away from a distressing bug. Possibly the character controller encounters the fresh new wall structure/floor. It often is when the new SCC is on a moving networks (and therefore actions vertically) and in the event that SCC motions quick. In some way the new SCC comes to an end colliding to have a-frame (maybe even more) when their movespeed try highest. The project operates at the 60fps without any fps drop and that i permitted Repaired timestep on operator.

I tried considering the code however it is as well state-of-the-art getting me to know it. Can there be people enhance or quick cheat for this bug?

I am having the exact same challenge with swinging networks in the a venture I am working on Abilene TX escort reviews…which looks strange, because try of course helping my Mario enterprise. Going to explore they. Essentially the control doesn’t choose the floor towards system and as an alternative have building up downward speed from the law of gravity, sooner phasing courtesy they.

You will notice that if the operator drops into a good vertically moving program or jumps inside, the fresh new SCC skips new swinging system however, finds the ground less than they

Yup, something that I’ve observed is that the bug will takes place when clamping is handicapped on the controller. Is actually signing the name/mark of your own crushed imagined below the controller. Consequently the newest operator try caught on fall state for around an extra (as if the newest scc is actually banned because of the swinging platform’s collider but as opposed to finding they. ) then rapidly experiences the collider and you can clamps for the ground below (the one that try observed by scc). Thus far, so it bug did not takes place with good horizontally swinging program however, perhaps We have not checked-out him or her sufficient.

Hey all! Performed any kind of the truth is away what was resulting in this dilemma? I have seen an equivalent trouble with systems which can be moving vertically and can’t discover way to obtain the trouble in the this new code, your SCC appears stellar in my opinion!

We have one concern to you personally, I want to build NPCs such Sheeps, how can i personalize this script to support spheres with x/z counterbalance?

Btw, I have enhanced the BSPTree script heavily, now it can make zero allocations & is about 100x quicker. You want it?

To change the career of the spheres used, you’ll want to modify the CollisionSphere classification (used in SuperCharacterController.cs). At this time it offers one float named counterbalance you to translates it up otherwise off. If you want to support directional offset, I would personally strongly recommend replacement this that have a beneficial Vector3. You will need to change the brand new SpherePosition strategy also, that takes a collision sphere and you may spends it’s counterbalance to choose where when you look at the Community Area it’s. There can be two most other small things however, that should function as the fundamental stuff.

Up until now I favor they!

As far as a better BSPTree, naturally! Please submit it a tow demand into fundamental repo if you want.

“NullReferenceException: Target site not set-to an exemplory case of an object SuperCharacterController+SuperGround.ProbeGround (Vector3 resource, Int32 iter) (in the Property/SuperCharacterController/Core/SuperCharacterController.cs:666) SuperCharacterController.ProbeGround (Int32 iter) (from the Property/SuperCharacterController/Core/SuperCharacterController.cs:226) SuperCharacterController.SingleUpdate () (on Possessions/SuperCharacterController/Core/SuperCharacterController.cs:194) SuperCharacterController.Revision () (during the Property/SuperCharacterController/Core/SuperCharacterController.cs:158)”

The latest SCC needs here always to-be a global ground under the user to be sure it have not slashed from the business. I just lay a big unlimited invisible field collider to own which objective.

Anything observed in the project away from GitHub about SpaceZone scene: 1) There is an inactive object throughout the ladder “Lost Prefab” having a couple pupils. It is never activated. Does it currently have a features? 2) The gravity software towards the “Player” possess an uncovered “Planet” resource and that items to one of many youngsters of “Destroyed Prefab”. I think the response to #1 often answer that it however,, what is the “Planet” reference undertaking?

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