Los angeles Segua: a caution to inebriated and Unfaithful guys in Costa Rica.

Los angeles Segua: a caution to inebriated and Unfaithful guys in Costa Rica.

Legends aren’t just a very important repository of a people’s tradition, but also a powerful social device intending to examine undesirable conduct.

“La Segua” was a Costa Rican legend that chastises poor and free women habits, together with drunken and unfaithful activity of men, hence strengthening gender stereotypes within a Latin-American perspective. The storyline takes place in Cartago, the old capital of Costa Rica (earlier ended up being gone to live in San Jose in 1823).

Cartago ended up being the earliest Spanish payment in Costa Rica, dating back to 1563; the truth that the storyline of Los Angeles Segua happens in Cartago is considerable, because story is actually fundamentally colonial in nature, and as such, it offers both native and Spanish items which inevitably supplement but additionally conflict with each other.

The gist in the facts will be the following. There was once a beautiful Cartaginesa (feminine inhabitant of Cartago) of combined Indian and Spanish bloodstream. She’s generally portrayed as creating gorgeous white skin which contrasts along with her jet-black eyes and cascading long hair. Among versions regarding the legend claims that she fell so in love with a Spanish policeman exactly who tricked her and broke her cardiovascular system.

The actual way he “tricked” their just isn’t entirely obvious, but there is a very clear recommendation it engaging some incorrect progress, intimate in general, and intensely forbidden for a lady from good Catholic parents. After the Spanish rogue got disappeared, the girl went crazy, and a terrible curse befell her, turning her into a monster, forever bound to wonder lonely roadways.

Los angeles Segua*, since monster is called, presents because beautiful girl that she was previously, and she waits because of the roadside for unsuspecting men who would be driving her horses after an extended nights heavy-drinking around. Attracted to the beauty, they take giving her a ride on their http://datingmentor.org/escort/woodbridge/ pony, but as they change, versus beholding the charming partner, they show up one on one with a horrendous monster with all the head of a horse and fiery purple vision. The warning is clear: guys should avoid not only from heavy drinking, but the majority notably, from appealing lonely ladies who can tempt them far from their family lifestyle. Women are perhaps not excused from warning. To never be changed into a heinous apparition, cursed to ask yourself forever, solitary women shouldn’t give in to improvements of men.

Additionally, La Segua’s destiny is as worst as it’s, because like La Malinche, the Mexican Indian woman just who served as Cortes’s translator and partner (Cortes was actually the ruthless,main Spanish conquistador of Mexico), she actually is betraying the girl group by slipping obsessed about a Spaniard, the oppressor.

Although Los Angeles Segua had been of mixed blood, in a colonial perspective that could maybe not destination this lady for a passing fancy stage as folks of “pure” Spanish lineage. Thus, Los Angeles Segua cannot only betray the honor of their family due to her licentious conduct, but by sleeping because of the enemy. After providing this Costa Rican legend, practical question towards “Gothic” nature of the story remains. Yes, you will find Gothic factors, such as a curse, the supernatural, anxiety, the beast, the naive driver on a lonely path,coming upon this dreadful animal which around frightens them to demise, etc. But should this legend, also stories which happen to be folkloric be viewed medieval, since they contain these factors?

Tend to be these tales, owned by an oral custom, as well distant to your written and from now on filmic traditions is regarded as medieval? I will be providing two a lot more Costa Rican traditional myths that will ideally stimulate a discussion along these reasons.

A lot more frightening creatures, drunken boys and disobedient women are available, but before then legend, we could all check out the issue of so how “Gothic” or not a legend could be, and maybe also remember European instances that might describe the condition significantly. *Segua generally seems to are derived from the word “Sihua,” meaning girl in Nahuatl. Nahuatl try a small grouping of Mesoamerican dialects of Aztecan or Nahuan origin. Aztecs spoke Nahuatl, and currently 1.5 million people in Central Mexico speak a Nahuan language. Discover an Indian legend in the Sihuanaba or Segua in Nicaragua, and in they, the Sihuehuet or “beautiful woman” has actually a love event using son on the god Tlaloc. She’s their son, but in order to get to know their fan, she’s an awful mummy, consistently making the girl boy alone.

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