Even after her tendency to remain calm and you may built-up, she can getting slightly daunting and you will forceful whenever she desires

Even after her tendency to remain calm and you may built-up, she can getting slightly daunting and you will forceful whenever she desires

Robin face Black colored Maria when Sanji phone call her to own help and proceed attacking the lady with Black Maria state she fall into Kaido hence she refute responding.

Nico Olvia

Nico Olvia try Robin’s mommy [29] and though the 2 ran for decades rather than enjoying each other, the lady mom still enjoyed the lady significantly. She is happy with their dazing for being capable read Poneglyphs within a highly early age. Their just regret are she try struggling to spend your time having this lady child as well as Robin actually wanted were to come across their again and get along with her.

Adopting the details was spoken to everyone Authorities by Clover, Olvia are met with Robin since she was being taken away last but not least, once Robin’s pleas, she admitted this lady connection with her. Because the Buster Name involved to start, Spandine purchased you to definitely she be studied with them, however, panicked after are almost personally strike by an explosion and you will ran away from. Nico Olvia try deserted and you may was fundamentally reunited together daughter. She hugged this lady and you may remarked that she was most pleased with her. She following pleaded so you’re able to Saul for taking Robin in order to defense and you may advised Robin to continue to live on, handy along the records in order to someone else, also to alive the lady lifetime into fullest.

Shortly after this lady spouse passed away, Olvia set out with the a six year go research the Poneglyph along with thirty-three most other archaeologists. Even though she think it is unpleasant one she was required to log off Robin, it actually was anything she believed she had to create: she remaining Robin in her sister, in his wife’s, Roji’s care and attention. Roji is actually Robin’s sis, thru relationship to Olvia’s sis. She hated Robin and you will abused the girl regarding most minute she walked towards the woman household and you may addressed the lady particularly little in short supply of a slave. [28] [33]


While they was in fact linked to their, Robin has never been revealed interacting with the girl buddy and you will cousin. Robin’s sibling was seen shielding the girl facing his wife, but if you don’t did absolutely nothing to simply help the lady otherwise accept the girl because the a member of the household. Robin along with had a dad, although not, she never know him and his awesome title stays unknown. All of the friends (except Robin’s dad whom passed away ages ahead) are considered to possess passed away during the Ohara. The children off Ohara always chosen to your Robin, but they are scared regarding because of the the lady Hana Hana no Mi energies, and the children in addition to their moms and dads manage phone call her a monster for this.

  • Due to the fact most other crew members stated to your Sanji’s unconventional fortune in reaction to Duval’s face, Robin quipped he would certainly possess an appealing death you to definitely big date.

The lady silence appears to stem from the girl feeling of decorum and you can individual satisfaction for the many era, she flatly will not do people behavior that could be experienced shameful. She refused to participate in Franky’s «Tactic No. 15» docking techniques during the race facing Oars. How come is one to she found it «embarrassing due to the fact a human being» (she even produced an expected embarrassed deal with, although it was a lot more obvious). She upcoming rather flatly additional that they should never test it again. [19]

Down to their unlawful earlier in the day, she is really merciless during the combat and won’t shy away from using deadly push. She’s going to crack the newest necks otherwise spines regarding the girl opponents versus hesitation, in the event it cry to own forgiveness, once the presented when she battled Yama near the spoils away from Shandora. This really is displayed when she basically pushes Brook to end fooling doing and continue their factor. [21]

Just after she theoretically became part of the fresh crew, Robin is actually amazed from the Luffy’s involvement with specific anybody such as for instance Shanks, Monkey D. Garp, and you will Monkey D. Dragon. [24] [25] She remarked that the guy it is had a fascinating story and try amused from it. [26]

Immediately following Enies Lobby, Zoro and you may Robin fully faith both and have now sex closer. Due to along with that have equivalent personalities, they may be able have a tendency to acknowledge certain things. They will have only had one or two conflicts at this point, in seek out new Southern area Bird as well as 2 ages afterwards when you look at the trip to help you Seafood-Man Area, but which had been simply complete from concern.

Inside the Zou, Robin, for instance the remainder of the staff, was concerned over Sanji’s problem that have Larger Mommy. She including demonstrated training of your own Vinsmoke Family unit members, but had no idea how to get a sugar baby in Winnipeg that Sanji is pertaining to her or him.

In the event that team tries to persuade Franky to join them, Robin proposes to provide her or him a hand (literally). When Franky was crying excessive, Luffy says to Robin to eliminate, however they are shocked observe you to Robin is not starting something any more and she actually is cheerful as an alternative. Robin following claims one to Franky is actually an imaginative child, blaming the pain on her. Franky entitled their «all of our gorgeous historian» in their very first conference once a couple of years. There can be a continuous fun that Nami and Robin are completely numb to your «romance» of Franky’s automatic creations and the entire body (if you are Luffy, Chopper, and you may Usopp remain in the admiration). Ironically, these people were along with the simply crewmembers that have been 1st opposition regarding the newest Straw Caps. These people were each other eventually won over from the crew’s antics, and you may enjoying how far these include willing to visit protect their very own. Even with this, Franky and additionally retains the fresh new improvement off are one of two staff participants ready annoying the girl (to the stage in which she conveys they openly) including Brook. When you’re she actually is amused by the remaining crew’s antics and you may occasionally participates, she outright denied participating in «docking» function inside the Thriller Bark stating it actually was also embarrassing. Additionally, in the event that crew’s hearts was indeed scrambled on the Punk Chances arch, she indicated this lady disgust at Franky’s facial expressions and speech while in Chopper’s looks. When they have been switched back, she spoken this lady relief very fervently, claiming she expectations they never happens once again. Franky on the other hand has revealed occasional dislike toward morbid commentary that Robin often helps make to the missing crewmates, instance in the event that other countries in the team were selecting Nami, Usopp, and you will Chopper with the Thriller Bark. Despite all of that, Robin seems to have an almost connection with Franky, once the she will not brain him sleeping on her lap. [27]  In the Onigashima, Franky invited Robin so you can experience having your on Kurosai FR-You IV, which she cheerfully approved just before Brook took their seat.

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