The current generation can fact check for them selves

The current generation can fact check for them selves

I wouldn’t solely put the problem on the shoulders of the elders especially if the younger generation has the capability, means and the resources to find out for themselves what the old days really was. Internet technology and social media, not to mention books, put the information at our fingertips, thus, it’s on us to educated and refresh ourselves on matters involving our past history.

The younger generation is really in a bind because they’re ignorance and lack of understanding of the past shows in how they commend BBM

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Unlike Cambodia, we really didn’t experience the so-called ethnic cleansing that would have been the catalyst for people to never forget what happened.

“Unlike Cambodia, we really didn’t experience the so-called ethnic cleansing that would have been the catalyst for people to never forget what happened. “

Which makes sense

It was n’t really ethnic cleansing, more like lazy cleansing. Folks in the city were bused into the province, and those who couldn’t farm or do hard labor were killed, thus the Killing Fields.

My point is that because it wasn’t like Pol Pot, the people who either were ambivalent or benefited from Marcos, are now coming to support. Those who got the short end, do not support. I agree with Ireneo above.

Not speaking for Juan but even if it just kiling the lazy people it is a form still ethnic cleansing because of the bodies of evidence. Here the number of deaths were simply unreported or under reported by those who lived to tell. Dead men tell no tales. My generation’s history books were full of falsehoods and are now fact checked and corrected, that Irineo can attest to.

My point is youre not suppose to rely on education or others for this type of remembrance. Hence, any attempts to force others to “remember”, if all they can remember are their lolos/lolas and parents having a grand old time in the 70s, or just no memories of bad at all,

that’s not a very effective way of campaigning, essentially youre forcing people to remember your brand of memory, as oppose to theirs. When they remember it differently.

Also, focus on easy to prove stuff, like I remember that recent Imelda documentary which showed her interviewed in a room full of expensive looking paintings, I’d personally like some sort of valuation for those paintings, and how procured and where they are now.

I’m a fan of that livelihood and maker movement and manufacturing video that Ireneo shared, that’s good stuff. Forward looking.

But yeah, just accept that Ilocos will be pro-BBM, but Mindanao is ripe for the taking for VP Leni. Go to Mindanao!

When it comes to recent or contemporary history, the Philippines has more in common with post Gorbachev Russia. By recent I am referencing our 1987 republic.

In both instances, neoliberal capitalism took hold; enriching a handful of oligarchs who managed to capture and control the country’s crown jewels (oil, railways, banks, public infrastructures, telecommunications, etc.) while impoverishing millions through structural adjustment and market dictated shock therapy.

Such toxic environment of massive inequality makes possible the strong appeal of a demagogue with authoritarian bent to rise (Putin, Duterte, and now quite possibly, Marcos Junior as the reincarnated father promising to unite and deliver us from evil amen).

So, if Leni Robredo continues to be mediocre in her economic reform proposals and sticks it out with neoliberal approach, it’s not going to get any traction with impressionable voters and we will most likely be headed to another golden age of Marcosian sclerosis and Orwellian dystopia.

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