3 years following last battle, Licht and you can Hina was married and Hina is pregnant

3 years following last battle, Licht and you can Hina was married and Hina is pregnant


In the day in which their children would created, Hina seen Licht and Tokikaze arguing more which must be the you to definitely keep a child and involved first off a fight, she didn’t sit the way they acts very she come out to end her or him despite her standards.

Later, after their child is due, Hina brought the lady newborn to help you the girl dad-in-laws Schmelman, that shown become nevertheless live just after he cut-off his exposure to Althing three-years before.

Unique Booklet

The first chapter worried about Hina’s childhood and you will excursion, primarily exactly how she attempted to look new Legendary Red-colored Baron for usually without achievement.

Overall performance and Fuel

Hina’s number was 441, hence corresponds to just how many numerous miles she went , as well as how far she would like to satisfy their character and you can share exact same serious pain as the them . When you look at the Chapter 2, Hina’s matter are increased to 760 shortly after Licht wins the video game out of «The fresh new Startheft Fight» for her. Hina’s current matter was 763.

  • Search Instinct: Given that Hina might have been residing the new hills for a long time, she setup endurance experience because the seen during their Forest Endurance travels towards the class.
  • Weapon Competence: Hina try recommended by the Schmelman Bach knowing strategies for a handgun. Schmelman indexed that it did not look nice getting Hina when she activities a blade on people. Whether or not this lady has yet , to display the lady gunmanship regarding the show.
  • Medical Intuition: Hina are encouraged from the Schmelman to become a fight medic and to review medical research.

Facts Incidents

Hina returned to Nana’s cellular tavern and you will says to the woman on which happened immediately following Davi invited the lady. Nana holding the fresh new model Licht provided to help you Hina and you can finds out you to the girl Ballot are concealing inside that doll. Hina wonder the thing that makes https://datingrating.net/tr/catholic-singles-inceleme/ the newest Ballot for the doll, and you can Nana teaches you which is exactly how Licht’s personality have been. She explains in order to Hina that the cause Licht performs this try because the managing a ballot are a crime, very he has got and come up with a reason to avoid Hina bringing murdered of the troops. Once Hina discover Licht’s genuine intention, she decided to go to pick your, Hina teaches you in order to him that he is stick to the woman, and this she try pleased that she found your. However, Licht don’t like to stick with the woman along with his earliest matter is less to -one thousand, and that she named your an effective liar. As the Hina weeping, she suits Nikola again in which he shared with her the Althea Royal Protect create need the newest Thumb Baron in the future.

If the «Abyss Demon» appeared, with the rest of your individuals were confused at the it. If the helicopter release its attack, Prison would a giant metal wall surface in order to take off the assault. As time passes, Hina tried to ask the latest Regal Shields to assist Licht so you can fight against the newest helicopter, but Prison stated that they can’t let him due to the fact assaulting the fresh hands from Althing carry out consequence of her or him get the dying penalty. Up coming, Hina become sobbing and you will saying this example is actually horrible to have Licht, as the no matter what the new Regal Guards wished to let they can not do just about anything because of the passing penalty. Just after hearing Hina’s conditions, Jail in addition to Royal Shields chose to let Licht.

Following the enrollment service had finished, in addition to the others with dinner throughout the canteen. Within the discharge day, Hina insisted to sit in identical desk due to the fact Licht. While you are Jail and you will Tokikaze resumes their disputes, Licht is actually shows getting happy to possess capable sit with her with pretty girls, even when he was puzzled on just how Hina knew him. In her first day toward training school, Hina and you may Lyne had angry during the Schmelman as he did not promote Licht one celebrities, whether or not Licht stated he did not care when the he’d feel expelled throughout the college since the their just mission are discover in order to give Tokikaze back home. In the near future, Hina read Mizuka’s scream thus she decided to go to look for this lady, she found Douan Taketora is actually bullying Mizuka. Tokikaze explains one Taketora try a known bully that usually ultimately causing trouble to everyone particularly Mizuka. Later on, whenever Licht was able to deal Taketora’s stars and gives him or her straight back to help you Tokikaze together with most other youngsters, Hina is a little delighted in the your when he won’t be expelled regarding the college or university.

Later immediately after Hina and also the other people don’t alter Licht’s early in the day, he works away from people and you will went to vomit, disturbed which had merely killed human beings. Hina adopted your and told him that it was not their fault. The guy claims Taketora are proper, that he need kill his adversary to finish the war. Regardless of this, Licht reported that he was happy that he’s one which killed individuals. Knowing other Group A youngsters commonly however in a position to setting this new «Non-Destroying Military», he set his matter based on how a lot of people he has murdered in lieu of their nearest and dearest and you may loved ones. Once the Hina vanishing, on account of forced go back to her own timeline, she cried during the Licht’s choice because the reasons why he killed someone was not on account of feel dissapointed about, however, due to his attention away from protecting his relatives and buddies, and this she titled your dumb. Soon, Hina kisses Licht and you may told your one to she won’t assist him getting lonely anymore. She together with informed Licht to go to on her behalf afterwards and you may she’d bear his college students.

After Lyne possess successfully fled, Mizuka pushed someone to play Russian Roulette if you find yourself Douan Taketora watching more them. Due to the fact Nana try frightened, Hina got Mizuka’s gun and you can area in the her own lead instead. After Hina complete the woman earliest station, Mizuka desired Hina to carry on play the games until she dies. After when Hina nearly slain on Russian Roulette online game, she is actually stored from the Prison by the put brand new gun aside if you are tries to restore Mizuka’s sanity straight back.

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