While Him’s intends its products and services for men, the company also has a sister site for women called Hers

While Him’s intends its products and services for men, the company also has a sister site for women called Hers

  • Sex
  • Hair
  • Skin
  • Mental Health
  • Supplements
  • Primary Care

Hims sister site

You won’t find any erectile dysfunction medication there, but they offer a litany of products ideal for women, including birth control, yeast infection treatment, and more.

At the moment, there don’t seem to be any plans to create a gender-neutral equivalent to the Hims/Hers binary, but representatives told us that anyone could create an account based on their gender rather than their assigned sex. They can then speak with their doctor about any treatments from either site that might be appropriate for them.

How we evaluated Hims

We evaluated Hims on objective criteria like cost and efficiency and the efficacy of their goods and services. We gave slightly more weight to well-established products like their hair loss system than their more nascent offerings like their skincare line. We also took their mental health offerings into somewhat greater account than their primary care interface, as the former is a significantly more sensitive area of care.

Costs will vary widely depending on the treatments you seek, but most of Hims’ offerings are reasonably priced when compared to other choices in the marketplace. They also run about 50-80% less expensive than you’d find at retail. You can get their prescription anti-aging cream for a low monthly rate when you start your subscription. You can also get a 1-ounce bottle of their vitamin C serum for $33pared to a similar serum by Kiehl’s that costs over $41 for the same quantity, the savings are obvious.

Certain services are significantly less expensive than you might find elsewhere, as well. In-person therapy, for example, often costs around $150/hour depending on your location, but Hims offers one-on-one therapy for only $99/hour. They also provide psychiatry in a subscription format that covers the cost of any prescribed medications and regular check-ins from your provider for just $85/month.

Things can get a lot more complicated when you start creating comprehensive treatment plans for hair loss or erectile dysfunction, as costs can add up quickly. There are also different billing and shipment options, but we’ll get deeper into Hims’ pricing nuances below.

If you get your insurance company involved, the quality of your coverage will likely determine whether you save any additional cash. Some things are for sure in that department though; insurance will not cover the cost of an initial primary care visit, and card issuers will deny almost every attempt to use a health savings account (HSA) or flexible savings account (FSA).


Judging Him’s efficiency, we looked at how easy it was to get started, how quickly we could receive their products or medications, and how readily available they were for questions. With a few minor caveats, this is one of the areas where the company excels.

Clicking on just about any product line will bring you right into https://hookupdate.net/pl/sugardaddyforme-recenzja/ a consultation that is fast and easy to complete. From there, you can see products (prescription and non-prescription) that help you address your needs. Then, you can speak to a doctor for more advice or to get a prescription written.

The speed at which you receive the products will have a bit to do with the products in question and where exactly you live, but most customers receive their orders within a few business days. If you want primary care or mental health services, the experience is similar, but medication discussions occur later in the process.

Hims doesn’t exactly plaster their customer service on every page (we had to really dig for it), but they have representatives who are friendly and knowledgeable and can help you with just about anything in short order. Also, they have some of the best hold music in the business.

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