My friend informed me whenever unprotected sex she’d use h2o and place salt on water

My friend informed me whenever unprotected sex she’d use h2o and place salt on water


Pupils, specifically female, stated playing with low-pharmaceuticals because kinds of contraceptives. These female demonstrated the way they enjoys often put otherwise observed h2o, sodium, and you may leg squats since forms of contraceptives.

.. Yes, that’s what she said (you to definitely she put h2o and sodium just after intercourse), and you can the woman is a medical scholar (ergo credit credence to that particular strategy). (Female FGD)

Concerning the water, after you can take in the 29 centiliters off liquids, with time the thing is that the brand new pee. With time, you’ll see it (semen) on your own trousers. (Girls FGD)

Simply relax, at the end of it (intercourse), once you are upwards, you merely look at the restroom so you’re able to squat to possess 30 minutes is actually driving it out just like you is actually peeing. And you also see that they (semen) is originating from its own without needing contraceptives. You squat; when you squat, you push it when you are seeking push one thing which have push. Stand truth be told there (throughout the status) to own thirty minutes, the latest sperm (semen) certainly will turn out. (Females FGD)

Sheer and you may Progressive Contraceptives

Finally, members mentioned detachment, condoms, postinor (a familiar emergency contraceptive inside Nigeria), in addition to calendar strategy since the other types out of contraceptives. The 2 commonest types of progressive contraceptives among users was in fact condoms and emergency contraception tablets while you are calendar and withdrawal tips was in fact the new a couple of commonest forms of sheer steps.

Birth prevention Taste

Although users described various methods regarding contraceptive, they emphasized their choice to own withdrawal, secure months (diary means), and emergency contraceptives rather than condoms. For example, student men reported that sometimes they had intercourse rather than condoms as the its mate may no offered want to consider gender whether your people went wanting condoms just before gender.

If anointing drops single cowboy dating (sexual desire), you utilize the new detachment strategy because your mate might no longer be in the mood once you come back immediately after heading off to get good condom. (Male FGD).

The safer months, new pure approach it’s just about how to know their monthly period cycle; while safe and if you are maybe not safer. Therefore, if the condom isn’t truth be told there, you are able to use your secure months. (Girls FGD)

And additionally, medical care providers emphasized the brand new preferential usage of certain contraceptives by the the customers. As an instance, good pharmacist said just how unmarried ladies well-known to make use of disaster contraceptives over other designs of modern contraceptives.

Single of them, teens, aren’t as well bothered about contraceptives; he is simply trying to find these types of first-line of these to stop pregnancies. They won’t desire any children at this time… Therefore, they simply choose the instantaneous of those like the levonorgestrel, the new postinor (crisis contraceptives). They get can they already know that they are safer (Pharmacist step one)


Overall, players (gents and ladies) was basically unwilling to play with condoms. Condom are preferred in the context of relaxed or transactional sex as opposed to a committed and you will monogamous matchmaking. Sometimes, girls who don’t faith its men create delay to use condoms up until they were each other looked at a variety of STIs.

When my personal date was in Port Harcourt, he said the guy wanted to exercise intense (have unprotected sex) and feel the perception. “I informed your for it night ‘why don’t we use a great condom and you may tomorrow we are able to go to the healthcare once the I am careful. We could visit the hospital and you may do the requisite sample and you may pursuing the outcome is aside, we can create without condoms.” The guy consented and you can told you no problem. (Female FGD)

We have never ever made use of condoms before in the event I have already been with my date for about 8 many years, and you will I’ve not acquired an infection…. However,, he is very mindful; the guy spends condoms with every other girl. (People FGD)

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