They love focus and may getting very affectionate and their keepers

They love focus and may getting very affectionate and their keepers

#10 the nude Necks can be vulnerable to comb frostbite.

As is true for almost all unmarried brush breeds-yes, as well as your best-known a€?cold-hardya€? types like Plymouth stones and Rhode area Reds-Naked Necks usually tend to see frostbite on the combs.

Also certain hens posses combs therefore big they can be at a real possibilities for frostbite. For example, browse the measurements of the comb on hen in video clip below.

Some Naked Necks in Europe have small rose combs that are essentially resistant to frostbite, but I’ve not had the opportunity discover that type here in the U.S., sadly.

However, there is an approach to this problem-and that is the Sweeter Heater. This really is a radiant heater that you hang above your own chickens’ roosting bars. It generally does not warm the coop, however it warms the chickens throughout the roosting pubs and stops comb frostbite, specially on those miserably cooler winter season nights.

Available tiny Sweeter heating units here on Amazon, average Sweeter heating units here, and large Sweeter Heaters here. I use all of them in most my personal coops and cannot endorse all of them extremely enough. They might be life-savers for single-combed types, plus Naked Necks will truly enjoyed them!

#11 Naked Necks generate exemplary free-range birds.

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