184. Visibility Shall be a good thing

184. Visibility Shall be a good thing

Update: It is obvious little options can be obtained I am persisted this blog. Thus this is what I remember of my personal preparations into the T7S!sims.

Jackie and you may Hyde would’ve end up being vampires of the underworld – briefly – only out-of fascination. One of them will have became one other, being the fresh new interested that.

Kelso would’ve conceive that have a keen alien child. The guy, Brooke, Jackie, Hyde, and you can Fez most of the would’ve helped increasing their child.

Fez and you may Rhonda, I really hope, would’ve wound up with her. But their relationship is a rugged you to definitely, particularly due to the fact she was involved in order to other people.

We have little idea in which Leo would’ve wound-up. You to he would end up being Rhonda’s roomie about game (IIRC) by the happenstance is a cool happenstance.

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